Ford SYNC Connect Mobile App Allows Drivers Start Their Car Remotely

unveiled a new smartphone app called at the same time when the company unveiled the new Escape. is basically a smartphone app which allows drivers to start their car remotely. It is a very useful app whereby if you park your car under a hot sun, you can start up the car and turn on the air conditioning so that when you are ready to drive it, the temperature in the car will be just nice. Apart from the hot sun, it is also applicable to the cold winter weather. You can turn on the heater before you are ready to drive it so that the temperature in the car is perfect.

SYNC Connect is also designed to be able to monitor the car’s fuel, oil, battery levels as well as lock or unlock their car. On top of that drivers also will be able to see the parking location of their car if they forgotten where they parked their car.

With all these good features, apparently, it is only available for 2017 model only. It also free of charge for the first five years and after that, car owners will need to pay for the service.

Apparently Ford is not the first automakers who offer this. and have come up with a mobile app which does similar thing as Ford’s mobile app for over three years now. Having said that, it is can be seen as Ford’s step towards technical modernity.

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