Automakers Compete to Make the Most Advanced Self Driving Car Technology

, and are some example of automakers which is competing against each other to come out with the best technology for its self driving cars. Ford, for example, unveiled the company’s new feature that allows drivers to pre-set their car to go at or just above the speed limit in the recent Frankfurt Auto Show.

Ford is also reported to be improving its in-car cameras and software to read and react to road sign and adjust the speed accordingly. Ironically, the feature which is named Active Speed Limiter is already implemented in selected models in Europe but not in United States. It is because the road signs in United States come in different shapes and sizes and often covered by shrubs.

Ford’s Active Speed Limiter will be priced at 560 euros ($602.78) and it is still unknown how popular it will be once it is launched.

Mercedes Benz, on the other hand, is coming up with a feature which allows the car to drive itself at low speeds in traffic jams. The advantage of this for the driver is that he or she does not have to brake constantly whenever there is traffic jam.

Tesla’s method to update the car’s software is considered the most efficient among other car models. By its Over-the-Air (OTA) update, Tesla’s car owners do not need to go anywhere just to get the latest update and the update takes a very short period therefore making it convenient for them. Recently, as there are crazy videos on Tesla owners doing hand-free with autopilot updated in Youtube, Tesla’s CEO announced that additional constraints on Autopilot will be implemented to minimize the probability of people doing crazy things with it.

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