Toyota Makes Prius 2016 Model More Appealing Environmentally

is known to be environmentally friendly and having great fuel economy, however, to be honest, it is not particularly fun to drive when compared to Tesla. It is more boring to drive around but well, for the price that it offers, it worth every penny.

For the year 2016, Toyota is making the 2016 Prius version to be more environmentally friendly by making it a hybrid. What it means is that it offers a four-cylinder-engine/CVT combo as its primary source of propulsion with the nickel-metal-hydride (base) and lithium-ion (upgrade) battery packs providing energy storage. On top of that it will have more power with up to 150 horsepower.

The interior is installed with a lovely two-tone leather seats which seems to be very comfortable but unfortunately, the infotainment will be the same as the previous version. Therefore, you will not find CarPlay or Android Auto there. Its exterior on the other hand, looks vaguely like Chevy Voltish with its lovely sharp and angled exterior as well as boomerang-shaped LED headlamps.

Toyota promises a ten percent increase in fuel economy with up to an estimated 54 city/ 50 highway/ 52 combined. On top of that, it will offer Toyota Safety Sense features such as pre-collision warning with pedestrian avoidance, lane-departure alert with steering assist, radar cruise control and automatic high-beams.

There is not many information released on the car yet, however, more feature information as well as the pricing will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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