Tesla Ex-employee explained the Benefit of Electric Cars

Dustin Grace worked for Tesla for 9 years on drivetrains before eventually joined Proterra, an electric bus manufacturer as director of battery engineering. Apart from having a lighter impact on the environment, he explained that there are a lot of other positive impacts that an has compared to gas.

A motor run by gas produce motion through tiny controlled explosions. These explosions interlock pieces of metal which connect to a driveshaft. The metal rubbing will generate a lot of heat even when the parts are swimming in oil. The difference with electric motor is that there is no rubbing between the motor and the driveshaft. The motion is done through a magnetic field.

The downside of this process is that during winter, the gas-powered motor generates heat more than the electric motors to warm up the cabin. Therefore electric motors need to work harder in order to produce the same amount of heat that is produced by gas motors. Cold also has negative impact on batteries for electric motor as it hits the performance and charging speed.

Electric motors are more powerful than conventional . The Ludicrous Speed mode introduced by Tesla is the concrete example. Electric motor delivers more torque in lower speed than . Torque is all a car need to get it going. However, overall gas engines perform better in high speed.

Electric motors are simpler. As gas motor needs help from a transmission to get it going since it has less torque at lower speed whereas electric motor does not need transmissions. Thus, electric motor has better efficiency and agility.

Electric drivetrains are easier to maintain. It has fewer subsystems, therefore, there is no transmission, no oil tank and no catalytic converted. This means there is less chance to break down. Eventhough it can break down, it can be easily removed by a team of two mechanics and cheap enough to be replaced for preventative measures.

Electric motors feed themselves. Grace explained that the rotor was always spinning in the same direction but the electrical field reverses. Therefore, it is theoretically send electrons back into the battery which helps slow down the vehicle.

Apart from generating a very accurate data which a gasoline car also able to do, is designed to be able to monitor and adjust them. With the additional of software updates, electric cars can be much more flexible.

Eventhough electric motor is efficient; however, there is one big limitation which needs to overcome which is the battery storage.

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