Evoque Convertible from Land Rover Definitely Not for Everyone

In the this week, was showing off its new . It is an ‘out-of-the-box’ idea of the company to chop off the top of the popular to make it convertible. It is definitely not for everyone. It is like an off-road vehicle which is designed to be driven on the wild but it also can be driven on the city area once polished up.

Some of other example of this mesh up off-road friendly convertible such as the first generation of Chevy Blazer, Ford Bronco, Toyota Land Cruiser and Jeep Wrangler.


The difference of Evoque convertible with the rest is that Land Rover throws in some playfulness in the design. It claims to be compact as the trunk space seems smaller but Land Rover said that there are still room for a set of golf clubs and a slot that extends from the trunk to the back seat which is fit enough for a pair of skis.


There will be 2 types of Evoque Convertible offered, SE and HSE dynamic. Both will feature 240-horsepower engine, nine-speed transmission and standard all-wheel drive. On top of that, there are aluminium bars installed to protect passengers in case a rollover accident happens.


Although Land Rover only showed the white exterior colors option in LA Auto Show, the company ensured that there will be plenty more colors and options once it reaches dealerships. The Convertible is expected to be on the road in May.

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