Audi and Somerville Work Together on Self Parking Infrastructure in the Area

is working together with Sommerville, a city in to create an infrastructure which would support self-parking cars in the future. Sommerville will bring the traffic-light information online so that can use the info to adjust their pace to the signal pattern of lights. Therefore, in the end it is able to improve the traffic flow. The future car is designed to be able to calculate the speed that the car should hit in order to go in the next green.

On top of that, Audi and are building an infrastructure in the up-and-coming neighbourhood Assembly Row of to accommodate both self- and human-parked cars. It seems like there is no specific timeline for the completion, however, it is expected to be done in two or three years away.

There are a lot of benefits in adjusting the city layout for self parking cars. Apart from leaving the drivers right in front of the doorstep of their destination, it will also save a lot of space as it can immediately able to reduce the footprint of a parking spot by 20%. In 2030, it is estimated that structures built solely for self parking cars could take up to 60% less space as the cars are designed to park within inches between other self-parking cars and there is no need to build elevators or stairs as there is no pedestrians who will use it.

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