Voyo Allows Old Cars Owners to Keep Track on Their Vehicle on Smartphones

controller allows old car owners to keep track of their cars from their smartphone and the catch is that the car does not have to be a smart car. The device is currently crowdfunded in the campaign and already raising more than $59,000 passed its goal which is $50,000. Voyo is pledged at $90 each and it comes with unlimited premium services whereas Voyo will be priced at $200 for retail. If you have already pledged your product in , it is expected that the delivery will be in February and March next year.
To use Voyo is very simple, the device just need to be plugged into the OBD-II port of your car. Fret not, as OBD-II port was embedded into the car since 1996, therefore, any car made after the year comes with the port. Some usage of the product such as popping the trunk by pressing a button on your phone, tracking a vehicle, monitoring metrics like mileage, fuel and CO2 emissions. On top of that, the user also can opt to receive notification whenever there is car malfunctions, dangerous driving behaviour as well as accidents or receive alerts if the car’s antilock brakes are activated.
As for the Premium Pack, its function is to tell the car to automatically unlock the door if you are approaching it. The Premium Pack subscription fee is for $30 per year or $60 for three years as well as $100 for unlimited use.
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