Interesting Green Developments and Clean Tech News on Automobile

Everybody is moving towards a greener society. In the food industry, one lab discovered a type of seaweed which tastes just like fried bacon. On top of that, scientist is working to create the next generation of plant-based burgers.
In the energy sector, Morocco is targeting to use half of its energy source from renewables by the year 2020 by building the world’s largest solar farm. Eventually, the $2 billion project will produce 500 megawatts of . is another example, the company is building enough solar farms as a form of supporting solar farms. However, the coolest invention is created by 15-year-old inventor Hannah Herbst who created $12 machine which is able to convert ocean currents into usable electricity.
In the automotive sector, as has just kicked off recently, a lot of automakers showcased their latest vehicles which expected to use energy more efficiently. Nissan unveiled its autonomous electric car whereas Mercedes Benz showed off its self driving cars which interior looks like a lounge. Lexus debuted its LF-FC hydrogen sedan while is aiming to produce electric vehicles in China as well as its first Hyperloop test track.
Among all, the world’s most efficient vehicle is a two-wheeled vehicle, VANMOOF Electrified which is a stylish, smart and stealthy electric dream bike.
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