Tesla Model S Autopilot Feature Apparently Able to Self Learn and Self Improve According to Some Owners

car owners are reported to notice that the car model has the ability to self learn and improve itself. In Motors Club, a owner’s forum, one owner posted his or her experience of the that he or she owns, dived an exit ramp before, however, after a few days, it was practically able to adjust accordingly whenever it needed to drive through an exit ramp without having him or her to do anything.

Another Model S owner had the same experience. The owner wrote that he or she noticed that the first time the car took the curve at full speed, it was not able to stay in lane and thus the ‘take control immediately’ alert was activated.  However, after a few drive through the same curve during several occasions, it is now learned to slow down and it had no issue taking the curve. This made the owner thought that the car is really doing some self learning.

The situation left some Model S owners to be confused as they do not understand what is happening. However, when we looked back at the discussion with Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, which took place last month, it does make sense. During that time, he explained about ‘fleet learning’ whereby the whole Tesla’s fleet work as a network. Therefore whenever one car learns something, the whole fleet learns something. The updates happen regularly, most probably as a background process. Therefore Model S should improve each week and the car owner should notice the difference in about one week or so.

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