Nissan Leaf Based Autonomous Car Started Testing on Japan Inner City Roads and Highways

has started testing its Leaf-based prototype which featuring ‘Piloted Drive’ mode on Japan’s inner city roads and highways. ‘Piloted Drive’ mode is part of the Intelligent Driving System which is offered by the company.  It claims that it is able to take control of the car in certain conditions.

The first version of the mode is expected to be included in the production car models by the end of 2016. The mode will enable the car to drive autonomously in a heavy traffic on highways. Nissan is also planning to release the second and third version of the mode in the next few years which will be the enhancements of the previous versions. The second version is designed to be able to change lane and it is expected to enter production line by 2018. Lastly, the third version will have the ability to navigate through city roads and intersections without human input and it is expected to enter the production line by 2020.

To be able to drive safely on the busy road, Nissan uses eight-way camera with 360-degree view of the surroundings in order for the system to have enough information to make decision while crossing intersections. On top of that, it also uses 3D measurement to determine the distance of the car to the nearest objects therefore it is more accurate.

On the separate news, Nissan, recently also unveiled IDS concept car which is an EV loaded with all the autonomous functions stated above and on top of that it is able to make recommendations of nice restaurants to have your meals.

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