Volvo Auto Pilot Feature for its Self Driving Cars Revealed

’s 100-car autonomous driving pilot program in Gothenburg, Sweden is starting in 2017. As the starting date is nearer, more and more details are being revealed. To prepare for all this, the company even released a video explaining how the self driving cars able to engage in full self-driving mode and how the driver able to gain the control back from it. The cars which are used in the videos all are the 2016 XC90s.

To initiate the self driving journey, the driver needs to input the destination then an animation showing various traffic scenarios will be shown on the car’s dashboard and it is in real time. The animation is also showing the car in front, next to as well as the car behind. The interface is pretty intuitive and straight forward. If it encounters issue during the journey, it will alert the driver and gives him or her some time to take control of the car and the situation. However, if the driver failed to do so, the car would just pull over and eventually would come to a stop.

Even though it may seems simple in concept, however, taking over control from the computer and handling it over to it is the most crucial action in the whole full autonomous driving concept and it seems like it is not something that can be easily done. Self driving cars are happening in the near future. Volvo aims for full autonomy or give drivers a gentle 60 seconds reminder to take control of the car before it eventually put to a stop if there is any issue along the way.

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