MIT Professor Said that It Would be Entirely Silly for Cars to be Fully Autonomous

David Mindell, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (), said that it would be terribly silly for cars to ever be entirely self driving in an interview with news. He also added that there is no evidence that complete automation would improve humanity’s lot.

Instead of making cars fully autonomous, Mindell said that the cars should be made to be more trusted, transparent, reliable, safe autonomy that is fully interactive. Therefore, the cars should do whatever the user wanted it to do and only whenever the user wanted it to do.

Mindell agreed that self driving cars can be used to reduce the workload of human but he insisted that there should be a limit to it. It does not matter how good the self driving technology is but it still need humans to guide and control them to get the right information and therefore ensure that it behaves accordingly.

There are a few examples to this. One of them is NASA’s mission to the moon. Initially, it was imagined to be done fully autonomous; however, it turned out that astronauts still needed to make vital inputs during steering. Another good example is commercial air travel. Aeroplane system consists of a lot of highly technical systems however, these systems are not entirely perfect and therefore people are still needed to hold the systems together. Airline pilots are needed to consistently detect small mistakes, correct them and correct the air traffic controllers as well.

Mindell is a professor of the history of engineering and the author of “Our Robots, Ourselves: Robotics and the Myth of Autonomy” which was released recently.

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