Researchers Found out that Voice Activated Features also Able to Distract the Driver for 27 Seconds the Longest

Automakers are trying to make most of the features in their car systems to be able to be activated by using voice command as a way to prevent the driver’s distraction from the road. However, according to a recent study by researchers from AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, it is found out that even though hands-free technologies will keep the driver’s eye on the road and hands on the wheel but it causes the driver’s mental to be diverted somewhere else for as long as 27 seconds before it finally focused back to the road and driving.

Peter Kissinger, President and CEO of AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety said that the lasting effects of mental distractions pose a hidden and pervasive danger that would likely came as a surprise to most drivers. He even added that motorists could miss stop signs, pedestrians and other vehicles while the mind was readjusting to the task of driving.

AAA researchers also found out that the level of cognitive distraction varies between the make and model. For example, which is equipped with the least distracting voice activated system tested and the driver was distracted for 15 seconds after he or she has used the system. 6, is considered as the worst performing system as the voice activated system able to distract the driver for as long as 27 seconds after using it.

Other example for the make and model of a car which has the lowest level of distraction such as Buick LaCrosse and Toyota 4Runner while Hyundai Sonata and Chrysler 200 has higher distraction level.

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