AutoNOMOS Self Driving Car Able to Travel 1500 Miles through Mexico

is a self driving car developed by a team from Freie Universitat Berlin. The was actually approved for testing on the road of Berlin since 2011 and has been tested on public roads in US, Switzerland and Germany. We had heard self driving car tested on roads in US, Europe and East Asia but we seldom heard of it being tested in Latin America. is most probably the first self driving car to be tested in the region.

The test took a year to prepare and it started from the border city Nogales through Sonoran Desert, tropical regions in Sinaloa, mountains region of Jalisco with a total of most probably 1500 miles travel distance and traversing a variety of road condition such as highways, dense city streets as well as unmarked and undeveloped roads.

AutoNOMOS is equipped with technologies such as seven laser scanners, nine video cameras, radar and GPS in order to avoid collisions and track its location. It was also depended on the maps of both U.S and Mexico to know the route which it had to travel. All this was done with collaboration with University of Nevada, Reno. Potholes were one of the hiccups that the self driving car encountered during the journey. However, it could be solved by adjusting the driving parameters and it would recognize all the dangers on the freeways and reacted accordingly.

Apparently, AutoNOMOS is not the first self driving car to be able to travel such a long distance.  Delphi with its driverless Audi has travelled 3400 mile journey from San Francisco to New York earlier this year.

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