Rinspeed Etos Driverless Concept Car with UAV Drone Landing Pad Might be a Good Idea After All

is coming up with a concept car which is known as . The concept car is expected to be showcased at CES 2016 as high technology cars are normally shown off and unveiled during the event instead of a major auto show. is designed to be capable of taking you wherever you want to go with a little input from the driver and it is entirely able to travel in autonomous mode with the steering wheel able to fold up and retract into the dash.

Etos comes with a lot of interesting features. One of them is an integrated drone landing pad on the rear. It is interesting as it has many potential uses which people never thought off. Rinspeed suggested that it could be used to fetch bouquet of flowers that the driver has ordered online and delivered it to the intended recipient. Another usage of it is to take video of the wild ride on the favourite fun road and streamed it live to friends.

Apparently Etos is not the first car which has this concept of pairing a car with a UAV (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle) drone. A year ago, Renault had Kwid concept showcased in the Delhi Auto Expo which is SUV with a landing pad for the companion UAV on the roof of the car. Similar to Etos’ UAV, the Kwid’s drone is designed to be able to take aerial photography but it also able to spot traffic jams and other road congestion.

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