Driverless Cars Expected to Revolutionize Motoring Technology as Claimed by Automobiles

has prided itself as the revolutionary company which always working on creating the ultimate driving experience. In the museum which located next to old Olympic stadium site in Munich, there is a section which displays the engines which the company has produced throughout the years. From the display, we can see that has made the engines to be more efficient years after years and even the car bodies are evolving aligned with the ergonomic times. It is more likely that the next product will be an ultimate driverless machine.

Michael Aeberhard, the person who is leading the team which will realize the from BMW, showcased what it seems like a regular 5 series. However, once he pressed a button near the gear stick, he took his hand off from the steering wheel and the car suddenly drove itself on the road. The car even capable of shifting lanes in dense traffic as a lorry drove close towards the car. It is even capable to accelerate up to its maximum speed of 120kph. After about 5 years of refining the technology through simulator and test track, finally the car seems to really know what it is doing and the passenger just need to sit back and relax throughout the journey.

Although the technology is almost perfect, there are times whereby it needs manual intervention from the driver for the unexpected scenario such as roadwork, lane alterations or even emergency vehicles. Aeberhard demonstrated that it can be easily done as he effortlessly did this three to four times throughout the test drive session.

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