LATV is New Army Vehicle to Replace Existing Humvee

U.S. Army recently announced that they are partnering with Oshkosh in a program called Joint Light Tactical Vehicle to manufacture a new version of called ‘L-ATV’ (Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle). This vehicle is expected to replace the existing called . or HMMVV or High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle is a jeep-like vehicle which is used to invade Iraq twice as it carries soldiers and marines across the desert.

L-ATV borrows some design elements from MRAPs as MRAPs are designed to survive bomb blasts so L-ATV is expected to do the same thing. However, L-ATV is expected to be faster and therefore more mobility than the heavier armoured trucks. On top of that L-ATV is also expected to be able to travel across terrain too which is the same as its predecessor. However, it turns out that L-ATV is much heavier than the original Humvee design as the weight is three times of the Humvee. Apparently it becomes a major concern for the Marines who is using ships which are designed to carry a lighter version.

The contract requires Oshkosh to build 17,000 L-ATV over the next few years with 5,500 going to Marine Corps as the first step. Eventually, the Army is looking to replace over 49,000 vehicles which is currently still in service.

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