Connected Cars Might be Redundant as Consumers are Using Less of it

J.D. Power, an automotive research firm conducted a study on how new car owners use their vehicles within 90 days after their purchase and found that at least 20% of them never used 16 of 33 technology features measured. The study generated a report which is known as 2015 Driver Interactive Vehicle Experience Report.

According to the study 43% ignored the voice link to human concierge for directions or restaurant reservations, 38% have not taken advantage of car’s ability to use wireless link to create an internet hotspot while the other 35% have not tried automatic parking system About a third of the total number of people surveyed claimed that they did not use the heads-up display which display speed information among other information and 32% of them ignored apps embedded in the infotainment system such as Yelp or Pandora.

Kristin Kolodge ,an executive director of driver interaction research at J.D. Power said that in many cases, owners simply preferred to use their smartphone or tablet because it met their needs as they were familiar with the device and it’s accurate. She added that in-vehicle connectivity technology that was not used resulted in millions of dollars of lost value for both consumers and the manufacturers.

Kolodge noted that 14 million vehicles are expected to be sold to consumers this year which means that at least 2.8 million consumers are paying for the technology that they are not using and therefore, they are more likely to dump some of the technologies in their next purchase.

It seems that people would start using the technology if they see the real benefit of using it.

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