Bosch Services in the Future Connected Car Era

could bring a whole new opportunity to a lot of companies, may it be an established company with years of experience or start-ups.   could be one of them. It seems that the company enters the market at the correct time. Previously is known to work with most automaker companies; however, it is now extending its services to technology companies and car-leasing businesses.

By the end of 2015, it is expected that Bosch will have approximately 200,000 connected vehicles services offered to those industries. Some of the services offered by Bosch for example, for car-leasing companies to monitor the distance that the cars have travelled as well as collecting its data so that it is easier to do maintenance when required.

Bosch is expecting the sales of its radar and video sensors for automobiles to double this year. The sensors are used for driver assistance system which is able to automatically apply brakes when necessary or to help the car to stay within the same lane especially when driving on highways. The sensors and radars are even needed in a bigger scale as automakers are pushing for self driving cars when cars’ computers play a bigger role in road safety.

Recently Bosch is reported to be working together with TomTom, a high-definition mapping provider to integrate data from Bosch’s sensors with TomTom’s maps to create navigation systems for self driving cars. It seems that the German manufacturer has found new revenue streams for its business.

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