BMW 7 Series for 2016 is All about New Innovations

With automakers are competing with each other to come up with unique features to differentiate themselves in the market, luxury brands might need to work harder so that they will not lose their position in the industry.  Even though luxury brands such as and Buick offers CarPlay for their car infotainment system, it seems like it is pretty common nowadays as other brands are also offering this feature.

BMW boasts that its 2016 7 series will feature 24 new innovations which half of those are exclusively found in the BMW’s vehicles. Among those 24 new innovations, 6 of them are showcased at a press event recently.


will come with a touch screen which is able to activate without even touching on the screen. By moving your finger in a circular motion to the right to increase the volume and moving it to the left to decrease the volume. Answering phone call via Bluetooth could be done by just pointing your finger at the screen and swipe your finger at the air to reject the call.

BMW 7 version also comes with the ability to control the car’s 3D View Camera which is already implemented in most of the cars nowadays. However, it comes with additional gesture control to spin the image 360 degrees so that you cannot miss anything happening surrounding your car. The stitching feature able to combine images from various cameras to produce animated and real time rendering of the car’s surroundings.


BMW 7 series is coming with an optional Luxury Rear Seating Package which the seats can be changed to reclining business-class style backseat and a 7-inch Touch Command Tablet to control things such as audio system, multiple shades, panoramic sunroof, mood lighting, internet connectivity and onboard exercise program.


BMW 7 series also comes with another optional Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package which is suitable for busy executive who did not have time to do workouts. It includes guides for passengers on the back seat by presenting a series of isometric exercises from the entertainment system screens and performed by pressing parts of body into seat back and cushions.

Apart from the features mentioned above, BMW 7 Series also contains LCD touchscreen which is able to display information whether the windows, sunroof, doors are locked or unlocked, fuel status and service reminders. On top of that it also has a feature to pair your NFC-enabled phone to the dashboard by using NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology which is also used by ApplePay or other services.

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