Bosch New Electric Car Battery Able to Double the Current Electric Car Battery Distance Mileage

, a German electronic company, announced that they are coming up with a solid state battery which will be released in the market by 2020. The solid state battery has the ability to double the distance travelled by a normal battery as of today but at half the cost.  The current cheapest electric cars cost about $30,000 and it has range about less than 100 miles.

The solid state battery is made possible as Bosch bought over a Californian start-up Seeo, which already has prototype of this battery.  Seeo announced that it has managed to make lithium batteries without liquid electrolyte which required no cooling system so it will not catch fire the way a traditional lithium ion battery can.

Apparently, automakers and suppliers have been working on more powerful batteries. Sakti3, for example, a start-up based in Michigan which is invested by James Dyson. Another example is Quantumscape. The company is partnered with General Motors and Volkswagen group to make solid-state batteries for electric cars.

With the Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal, analysts speculated that it could lead to a rise in hybrid and electric vehicle production as the federal fuel regulations is getting tighter by the middle of next decade, as the result of the scandal. Reports also predicted that most probably a third of all new European cars will be electrically powered and the majority will be plug-in hybrids. If the trend continues, then Bosch could be the dominant battery producer by the next decade.

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