Benefits of Internet of Things for Transportation

Internet of Things can be applied to any devices such as smart phones or laptops. Soon enough, it is going to be common on vehicles too. The vehicle could be the most expensive computing device a person could own. Some features of internet of things are already implemented in automobiles, especially those made after 2010. They are features to listen to satellite radio, view streaming video, display and usage of smartphone app, navigate roadways, request roadside assistance, unlock doors remotely and find open parking spaces.

cars are made is such away that any update on the cars’ system is able to be done via wireless. It is made possible by using the internet of things. If there is no internet of things or connected cars concept, it would be a hassle to do so. If there is an issue with the car, the owner will have to schedule an appointment, bring the cars to the service centre and wait until it finishes.


Toyota, on the other hand, is coming up with a car which interior and exterior appearance is able to be changed as easy as when you want to change your PCs or mobile devices. All you will have to do is to pick the “car top” background you want to change, customize the names and hit enter.

Self driving car might be realized sooner than it was expected to be. Most automobiles are competing to be the first to release autonomous vehicles. Mercedes, for example, is coming up with an which interior looks like a board room or living room where the driver and front passenger seats are able to turn around to allow face to face communication. On top of that, touch screens will be implemented on nearly every available surface. It is good as a distraction for your kids especially in long journey and thus there is no more “How long till we get there?” question.

There are also devices which can be used together with automobiles. One of them is Automatic which can be easily purchased at $99. When Automatic is plugged into your OBD II port of your car, it will be able to provide you with trip logs and mileage, as well as automatically request for emergency help in case there is accident. Apart from this, there is also several apps which able to help drivers to find empty parking slot.  Therefore, if a car passes by and scans that there is an empty parking space along the way, it will upload that information into the cloud to alert other cars about it.

Another way that it can be used is that whenever there is heavy traffic and there is a car which unfortunately stuck in it, it is able to upload the information into the cloud to alert other cars so that they will not add into the mess and look for other alternative route. In this way, the other car might reach the destination on time.


Internet of things on transportation industry can also be used to transfer physical goods from one end to another. Matternet has already working on a system which is able to do that, the same principals as the internet. The company is looking at the possibility of using drones which are able to carry goods to do it.

Despite all these benefits, there are also challenges faced by the internet of things in transportation industry. Much more work is needed to ensure that the system is safe, reliable and highly secure.

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