Apple Electric Car Reported Released by 2019

As reported by Wall Street Journal, initially did not intend to come up with its own version of self driving car. However, self driving car might be part of the company’s long term plans. Recently, the company has given green-lit to its huge project to build an electric car which is planned to be released for public use by 2019.

On top of that, in order to speed up the production process, Apple has given approval to increase the number of employees by triple to the existing 600 employees who are already working on the project. The company has been studying the feasibility for the past year. The project will be known as Project Titan. There is no official information about the project from Apple yet.

The entry of Apple into the market will surely has some ripple impact to the other car manufacturers as it might speed up the mass-production of the self driving car. Apple is seen as the direct competitor for .

Last February, Apple is seen to involve 1000 people to do the project which hinted that the scope of the project might increase subsequently. Recently, the company is reported to have a meeting with California Department of Motor Vehicles to talk about the road-testing of its on California’s road. On top of that, Apple engineers were reported to meet with officials from GoMentum Station, a 2100-acre former naval base near San Francisco to discuss the possibility of using it as a testing ground for autonomous and connected vehicles.

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