Six Next Generation Electric Cars to Compete with Tesla

Although it seems that is flooding the news on its electric cars developments, they are not the only company which is coming up with cool electric cars. There are 6 others electric cars manufactured by other company which may not lose with ’s.


The first model is which manufactured by . The company has confidently announced that the all-electric version of its Rapide Sedan will be on sale by 2017 which coincidently in the same period as longer-range Tesla. On top of that, Rapide cannot compete with Tesla on the mileage department but it hopes to win the customer’s heart with its sheer power and its over the hundred years worth of style and performance. The expected range of Rapide is of 200 miles.


is coming up with Leaf which is dubbed as the most affordable electric car in the market. The initial version is able to travel for 107 miles but however, the company said that they are building a new version which can travel up to 310 miles on a single charge. The only thing is that it looks normal but it has lower price and higher efficiency which actually can fit into the lifestyle of a regular person.


Q6 e-tron SUV can be considered as the electric car model which is able to directly compete with Tesla’s Model X. It is surely will be a stiff competition. Q6 e-tron actually has three separate motors, one for the front axle and two at the rear. On top of that the battery design and positioning gives the car a lower centre of gravity than most SUV and thus giving it a superb handling and that luxury feel.  The car model is able to travel up to 310 miles.


Another direct competitor to Tesla is the electric car models from Mercedes-Benz.  The luxury car manufacturer showcased a transforming concept car in the Frankfort Motor Show this month and it plans to launch an EV which will be unique and emotional to the board member. Prior to this, the company has launched B-class which is a compact sport coupe and Smart ForTwo electric vehicle which is even more compact than B-class. It has expected range mile of 250-310 miles.


unveiled an electric vehicle concept car, Mission E earlier this month at the Frankfort Motor Show. Even though the company has not announced a production plan, but there are rumours that the car model could be on road in less than five years. It is said that the car model is able to charge up to 80 percent in just 15 minutes, much faster than Tesla which takes about 40 minutes to recharge at a Supercharger station. The expected range mile is about 310 miles.

EV is manufactured by a Taiwan-based automaker. It is reportedly to be able to accelerate to 62mph in less than five seconds with top speed of 155mph. It is expected to be released in the road in two years. The expected range mile is about 373 miles.

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