General Motors Accounts for 1 Million Connected Cars Already on the Road

General Motors seems to have a good start in the connected cars business. As per current count, the company is accounted for the 1 million 4G LTE connected cars on the road while the total number of connected cars from other car manufacturers combined is just about 50,000 units. The number of service requests handled by GM’s 20-year-old OnStar service has topped 1 billion which means that live agents are handling more than 4 million turn-by-turn navigation requests each month.

General Motors has been planning for a more aggressive push into high-speed 4G wireless services which seems to be on the rise as the company is working together with AT&T since last year. AT&T offers free service for base connectivity for five years and with this, almost everyone registers, however, General Motors is launching a new service which hints more things to come.

For the free plan, it includes predictive maintenance alerts, drivers warning on potentially dangerous conditions such as battery issues, starter motor or fuel pump. On top of that GM also offers monthly diagnostic alerts and moving towards real-time alerts for issues such as low oil or tire pressure. Apart from all these programmes, GM also offers supplementary wireless data services which can turn the car into a hotspot that able to handle up to 7 different connections. It can be purchased starting at $5 monthly.

David Mingle, executive director for global customer experience, GM Global Connected Customer Experience Group said that the only thing that made this work was that their leadership was committed to doing it. He added that it was not to say that they had it all figured out but the support was unparallel.

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