France Announced New Law to Allow Semi Autonomous or Full Autonomous to be tested on Public Roads

As other car manufacturers are already testing their full autonomous or semi autonomous vehicles on the public road such as Google which has been testing its autonomous cars on the streets of California, also wants its industry to also play a major role in this or maybe even better. Therefore, to align with this vision, announced its future industrial strategy known as Nouvelle Industrielle (NFI) which basically a project of fast developing autonomous cars which will finally be consolidated in a coherent elementary framework.

In order to support it, France is also coming up with ecological transition law which comes into force on August 18th. It authorises the government to take within one year via an ordinance to allow traffic of vehicles on public roads with partial or total delegation of conduct for experimental purposes.  This would mean that France will allow autonomous vehicles to circulate and be tested on a particular network and that it should be supervised by technicians and they should be able to take over the car at any moment.

French automobile industry itself such as and (PSA) as well as have developed technologies which enable automatic overtaking, adapts speed limit, follows road signs or trajectory without human intervention, delegates driving in traffic jams or autonomously parking the vehicle. They are planning to commercialise these over the next few years.

Autonomous vehicles is expected to bring lucrative opportunity for automobile and software companies and on top of that, it is also expected to lower down the number of road accidents, easier accessibilities for transport as well as increase life quality.

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