Elon Musk Believes Tesla Cars will be Fully Autonomous by 2018 and Able to Travel more than 1000 km

In a recent interview on Dutch television, predicted that cars would be able to travel for more than 1000 km range, which doubles the distance of what an all electric cars can travel currently in the next one or two years. Model S currently able to travel 452 miles or 723km on a single charge but it only able to travel at an average speed of 24mph.

On top of that, Musk believes that Model S range could be improved about 5% and 10% per year as the battery technology also improves.  Autopilot, a feature which allows drivers to do hands-free driving in many situations is reported to be switched on in a month’s time.  On the other hand, Musk suggested that the full autonomy cars would be available in the next three years, which is sooner than the analysts’ expectation which is in 2020.

As for the future ahead, Musk reckoned that it would take another 20 years to fully replace all cars and trucks with electric vehicles. It seems like a long time to wait, however, replacing a car is not as easy as replacing a smartphone as it will take about 5 to 10 years to design a car from scratch and maybe a couple more years to do the testing and in the end mass produced it.

Tesla Model X, a luxury all-electric SUV would start to be delivered to early adopters in October while Model 3, will be revealed in 2016.

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