New York Will be equipped by Traffic Signals Which Able to Communicate with Cars

The future of transportation will all be about communications. Apart from a car or a vehicle which will be able to drive itself, most probably the next big thing is to make the car, the vehicles, the signs as well as traffic signals to be able to exchange information with each other via Wi-Fi-like airwaves. In this way, hopefully, drivers will be able to get the most updated information about the traffic and environment around them so that they can anticipate what is going to happen in order to reduce road accident.

A few terms regarding communication in transportation technology surfaced up. () is one of them. It is basically an automobile technology which designed to allow vehicles to talk with each other. It is currently being actively developed by General Motors. Another term is () which is basically a technology which allows road vehicles to communicate with their physical surroundings and aims to improve the road safety.

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) aims to place rules regarding the V2V by the end of the year. On top of that, it is currently rolling out huge new pilot programs to put the technology for testing, starting with New York City. Traffic signals in Manhattan and Brooklyn will be equipped with V2I hardware whereas about 10,000 city-owned vehicles will be outfitted with V2V. However, it is currently unknown whether these vehicles will have access to the data or the data will just being collected as part of DOT’s ongoing research on V2V.

Although the rules are not set yet, however, GM has already committed to start rolling out the V2V technology to its production cars by 2016. However, DOT’s press release seems to be even more optimistic by saying that the V2V could be seen by early 2016.

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