The New Chevrolet Volt Test Drive Experience

has sold over 82,000 Volts model in the US itself till to date which is quite an impressive number. Each year since the first version of Volts was released, the company is trying to make the latest version a better version than the previous one.

For the latest Volt for 2016 release, it will be more of all-electric car with range up to 53 miles whereas previously, the range is about 38 miles only. The figure gives an overall value of 106 MPGe whereas the previous version is about 98 MPGe only. The newer version also designed to travel further with the same number of gas that it burns. It is about 42 miles per gallon for the latest version compared to 37 miles per gallon for the previous version.

The newer Volt will be considered a greener car which is highly on demand right now. It is comparable with Toyota Pruises and Nissan Leafs even though the three of them is running on a different powertrain. will be priced at $33,995 before incentives which is lower compared to its predecessor which is priced at $34,170. The 2016 Leaf which is able to travel a total of 107 mile range will be priced starting at $37,640 before incentives, while the 2015 Prius is priced at $24,200. Unfortunately, the pricing of Toyota Prius for 2016 is not announced yet. The newer Volt is able to travel up to a total of 420 miles.


As for the interior entertainment system, the newer Volt is equipped with a perfectly sized, eight-inch screen and HVAC control with physical buttons. Yes, physical buttons. It seems that while other car manufacturer is going for a flat panel touch screen, Volt is going towards physical buttons as the company might feel that physical buttons work better in most vehicles than touch screen. On top of that the infotainment system is also working with CarPlay and Android Auto software.

The newer Volt front seats can accommodate for two full size adults while the rear seat is able to accommodate for up to 3 people. Unfortunately, similar to the previous version, the battery pack is still run through the seat leg area. Therefore the passenger who sit in the centre might encounter a little bit inconvenience which is a small price to pay in exchange of all the efficiency that the car offers.

The 2016 Volt Version has only one powertrain option which is the Voltec drive unit. It includes 1.5-liter Ecotec gas engine and 18.4kWh lithium-ion battery which power two electric motors. One of the motor offers 87kW whiles the other offer 48kW and no rare earth metals. This design apparently offer up to 12-percent more efficient and 100 pounds lighter than the previous Volt version but it is still able to offer 294-pound-feet of torque and 111 kW of electric drive power.

The 2016 Volt will be available in 11 states this fall while the rest of the states will get the second generation Volt with 2017 model year next spring.

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