Seven Cool Features About Tesla Model X Unveiled

official launch has been delayed for a few years before it finally launched a few days ago. We know that will be an all-electrical SUV with cool falconwing doors. However, it seems that there are a lot more crazy things and out of the box features of that we never saw coming.

Firstly, the falconwing doors are fully automated. They are designed to open until the centre of roof spine where the side window meets the roof. On top of that the doors are embedded with sensors which are according to ’s CEO, Elon Musk, is the world’s first ultrasonic sensors that can see through metals. Apparently, there are two ways to open the door, firstly, if there is more space then the doors able to swing sideways, however, if there is limited space then the doors will open nearly vertically.

The windshield of Model X is using the largest piece of glass ever used on a production vehicle which runs from the base of the hood all the way over the two front seats ending at B-pillar. On top of that, Musk announced that Model X will be integrated with HVAC system. Therefore, if there was a bioweapon attack, you just need to get on the car and turn on the Bioweapon Defense Mode and maybe you will survive for a longer time. Model X claimed to be the first car with true HEPA filter according to Musk. It is a filter to trap dust and other particles to get clean air.


Each of the chairs of the second row seats in Model X will be able to adjust individually whether it is equipped with two or three seats. While the second row seats are unable to be fold down, however, they can be brought forward and tilt to make space to carry some other stuff.  Musk and Tesla’s engineer assured that Model X has the lowest probability for a rollover injury compared to other SUV or minivan. This made possible due to the extremely low centre of gravity as the half-ton battery pack is installed at the floor of Model X.


With all these new features, it makes the engineering cost higher and the manufacturing process more complex, Musk confided that he most probably would not attempt to include so many things in one go if he is given a chance to start over the Model X project again. Another cool feature that is known to the public is that Model X is equipped with Ludicrous Mode which is able to go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 second and have a top speed of 155 mph. The car model is weighing at 5441 lbs and it is able to tow a 5000 lb trailer.

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