Volkswagen Being Investigated Over Emissions Fraud

The German automaker is currently under huge pressure as the news about emissions fraud surfaced recently. The company is currently being investigated and things seem to be not looking well. has also set up a website for car owners to check whether the vehicles that they have are the affected model and whether they need to bring them to the garage.

As many as 28 U.S states as well as other countries such as South Korea, Switzerland, France, Italy and especially Germany have opened investigation about the fraud. Even the company’s long time CEO is being investigated, Greg Archer, clean vehicles manager at environmental group Transport & Environment told Reuters that the Volkswagen scandal was just the tip of the iceberg.

Apparently, it seems that not only Volkswagen, but other companies such as Mercedes, BMW and Peugeot manufactured cars are reported to use 50 percent more fuel on the road than inside the lab. Therefore the gas that is emitted by the companies’ mass produced cars are at much higher rate than the figure that the companies claim to be.

It is said that Volkswagen will have to refit up to 11 million cars and vans which are containing the illegal software. The Germany’s KBA watchdog has set a deadline for the company to finalize the refit plan which is on Oct. 7. The EPA is also said to add more steps to the regulatory process in order to prevent the situation from happening in the future. The scandal seems to have shaken up both auto industry and German establishment and it seems that it is not going to be easy to gain back the public trust.

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