Tesla Launched Model X Electric SUV

recently released Model X which seen as the newest, yet the quirkiest and most outrageous product from its factory in Fermont, California. Model X is a SUV with 7-seater and exotic “falcon-wing” doors. Furthermore, it is equipped with a pair of electric motors which is able to generate up to 762 horsepower and may not lose to 911 Turbo’s butt in a drag race any day. On top of that, it can be configured to be full hands-off autopilot on highways and an air filter which is ten times larger than the average.

Model X is also installed with the largest curved windshield which most probably the first SUV in the automotive industry which is having this feature. The falcon-wing door, apart from giving the vehicle a cool look, it will be automatically open when it detects there is someone approaching and close itself when that someone is inside the car. It is called the falcon wing door as the door opens skyward. The vehicle is able to travel up to 250 mile range upon single charge with a 90kWh battery power. Moreover, the SUV is able to travel at the top speed up to 155 mph.

Other feature of the car such as it is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds when the “Ludicrous Mode” option is enabled. The vehicle also has the lowest centre-of-gravity due to the flat-panel battery which is installed beneath the seats. It is soon to be rated as the safest SUV when the government crash-testing is completed.

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