Tesla New Firmware Update Includes Auto-Steering, Lane Change Activated by Turn Signal, Auto Parking and Updated User Interface

will be coming up with new firmware update which is version 7.0. It is currently being tested and should be released later this year. According to reports, new features such as auto-steering, lane change activated by turn signal, auto parking in parallel space and an updated User Interface will be released in this version.

With the Autopilot activated, apart from engaging the active cruise control which is already available, it will also take over control from driver. Apparently this feature works best on highways and on road with clear markings. If the Autopilot failed to detect the markings on the road, it will alert the driver with a beeping sound until it detects hands on steering wheel.

On top of that, when the Autopilot feature is activated and the driver tap the turn signal, Model S will initiate a lane change. However, the driver needs to ensure that the way is clear before starting the lane change.

The new firmware update also comes with a major user interface redesign. It is apparently more minimalist than the previous version. With the newly redesigned user interface, there will be more options that the Model S owners can choose to be included on the dashboard. The most interesting feature of the redesign might be the capability to track other vehicles and other objects around the car in real time.

Another interesting feature for Version 7.0 update is the Autopilot Parking. The feature will be able to notify the driver when it finds a parallel parking spot then it will control the steering, acceleration and deceleration to park smoothly into it. On occasions whereby it approaching s Supercharger station, Model S will be able to automatically parks in open stall. It will even park itself in the garage at home. On top of that, Model S also will be able to pull out from the garage and drive itself to meet you at other location.

There is no definite timing when Version 7.0 will be officially released, however, according to Elon Musk, it is expected to be released one to two months after the press release.


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