Volkswagen Developing Smaller Cheaper and more Powerful Batteries

is currently developing batteries which promise to be smaller, cheaper and more powerful in the company’s Electronic Research Laboratory in Silicon Valley. It is what the company calls the ‘quantum leap for the electric car’. On top of that the company also making three wheeled electric scooter which is able to fit in your trunk.

All these information was obtained from an interview with the CEO of Volkswagen AG, Martin Winterkorn by the German Newspaper, Bild. According to Winterkorn, VW was researching a super battery in Silicon Valley in California that was cheaper, smaller and more powerful. The electric Volkswagen that could travel 300 km (186 miles) on electricity was in sight. It would be a quantum leap for the electric car.

Even though the battery made by Volkswagen can not be compared to Model S as Model S battery can goes between 300 and 450 kilometres but it is definitely better than Nissan Leaf which only can goes up to 200 kilometres. On top of that, it promises to be more eco-friendly and affordable to people who would like to drive a more eco-friendly car but could not afford to buy Model S.

The three wheeled electric scooter which the company is also developing is called the “”. It is designed not to be your primary way of transportation but more to support the usage for your car. It is useful for scenario such as when you only can park your car miles from your destination, then you do not need to walk towards your destination, you can just ride your scooter from the place where you park your car to your destination.

Last Mile Surfer is smaller than a but it costs less than 1000 Euros or about US$1100. Volkswagen apparently is not the first company to have this idea as in 2007, GM/Opel/Saturn came up with the Flextreme concept car, however it seems as Volkswagen is the first car company which takes this idea seriously.


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