Jaguar Land Rover Uses NASA Tech to Prevent Accidents

is working on several technologies to make their car the safest car in the market. On top of the pothole and cyclist alerts, the company is also developing several technologies which aim to prevent accidents. These several technologies are known as ‘Sixth Sense’.

Among the technologies in the ‘Sixth Sense’, the most interesting technology is the ‘’. It is derived from NASA technology and it is designed to be able to monitor your brain waves and amplify as well as filter them by using software. There will be sensors embedded in the steering wheel which are connected to a centralised system which will then determined whether you are alert enough to drive the car. If the system concludes that you are starting to daydream or fall asleep, then the steering wheel could vibrate or there will be a warning sound issued by the system.

Furthermore, the company is working on to integrate medical-grade sensors to be embedded in the driver’s seat, especially for the Jaguar XJ luxury sedan. The system will be able to sense if the driver is under stress then it will adjust the environment accordingly such as dim the lighting or play the music so that the driver will be more at ease. On the other hand, in the future with self driving capability, the system is programmed to be able to detect whether you are having seizure or heart attack. If it happens then the system will automatically control the steering wheel to bring the driver to safety.

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