Audi Matrix Laser Headlights Able to Paint Objects on the Roadway

Most of the cars’ headlights are replaced by lasers instead of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) as lasers can be considered as the brightest, whitest lighting and therefore they are better than LEDs. On top of that lasers can be directed where you want to go therefore, in principle; lasers are more efficient than LEDs.

and BMW had previously vied over on who will release a car’s with laser headlights. BMW turned out to be the winner by releasing eight lasers equipped i8 plug-in hybrid cars in Munich last June. , on the other hand, released a limited 99-unit run of 2015 R8 LMX supercar.

Audi 2015 R8 LMX is equipped with phosphor-pumping blue laser diodes which is able to light up twice the distance of LEDs able to do. The technology which is known as are made of hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors which is able to reflect light from multiple laser diodes. Each mirror can be tilted up to 5000 times per second which in the end breaks the beam into pixels to light up the roadway or highlight traffic signs. On top of that based on the information collected by the cameras, the system able to detect the light coming from the oncoming traffic and therefore, it will prevent the beams from blinding the other drivers.

Since the pixelated light can be combined to produce some images, it will even form turn arrows or other helpful images onto the roadway. When the vehicle is moving slowly, the light can be projected over a larger projection area, however, when the vehicle is moving faster, the angle is automatically narrows to enlarge the visible range and intensity. In this way, it is seen as one kind of communication with other drivers.

The Matrix Laser unit is the product of a three year programme sponsored by Germany’s federal education and research ministry which partners includes Audi with Bosch, OSRAM Licht AG and Karlsruhe Institute for Technology.

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