Maverick X DS Turbo Boasts Powerful Rotax Engine with Turbocharger Option

After successfully came up with a series of powerful and agile side-by-side vehicle in the industry, Can-Am is yet coming up with a more powerful vehicle. For 2016, the company is planning to release X DS Turbo which the horsepower for the Rotax 1000R TURBO is upped to 131 hp.

On top of that some features such as the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is redesigned to provide a better driven pulley with a Quick Response System (QRS) which allows for better power transfer and faster engagement time. Another feature such as Torsional Trailing A-arms (TTA) is a rear suspension which is a compact version of a five link suspension allowing for no bump steer and low scrub. With all these features implemented, ultimately, it will provide a more controlled wheel movement, optimal bump absorption as well as tire-to-ground contact for predictable handling.

is also equipped with 14-in aluminium beadlock wheels which uses mechanical fastening system which in the end makes it nearly impossible for the wheel to break loose when cornering or during heavy acceleration in a very tough environment.

The vehicle is available from starting price of $22,999 and there are three available colours, blue, green and red. It is suitable for people who likes to do extreme sports.

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