GinzVelo Going to Change How People Travel in Cities and Suburbs

is going to change how people travel in cities and suburbs. It looks like a spaceship, it is able to move as fast as car but it is technically a very advanced bicycle. The vehicle introduces you to a new term called HEH (Human Electric Hybrids) which is still powered by human but assisted by electricity.

As it is technically a bicycle thus it is legal to park on sidewalk and squeeze into tight parking spots. On top of that, it is able to travel up to a range of 75 to 100 miles with the speed of 20mph on a single charge without the pedal power. GinzVelo is powered by a 500 W hub motor and a 20 Ah LiPo battery.

By using pedal power, an average person able to power it past 30 mph without any assistance while maintaining at 20mph for miles on end, however, by using electric assist, it will have nearly unlimited range. As GinzVelo weighs only 85 Lbs, it is light enough to pedal for long period of time.

Currently GinzVelo was being crowd funded in to be able to expand their production capabilities. Without using , GinzVelo is able to produce one vehicle per week whereas if with using , the company able to produce five vehicles per week. The vehicle will be retailed at $9,900 after production.

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