BMW i3 Coming to Copenhagen under DriveNow Sharing Program

After the success of implementing i3’s into fleets in Germany, United Kingdom and United States, recently has announced that the company will add 400 more i3’s electric car into its service which will operate inline with the Copenhagen Infrastructure staring from September 2015.

BMWi said that car sharing using electric vehicles is an important step in opening up convenient initial access to electric mobility to the public at large. With this statement released, it showed BMW’s support towards reducing traffic and emissions to improve the city life’s quality through accessible electric vehicles and car sharing. was chosen as it is the first car to implement intermodal routing feature whereby public transportation services are integrated into the route guidance of the navigation system.  Car sharing can also be seen as an excellent way to introduce electric vehicles to a lot more people.

Dr Bernhard Blattel, head of BMW Group mobility services said that in Copenhagen they were already witnessing mobility of the future. It is on-demand technology, interconnected, quiet and electric. They were pleased to be able to introduce the capabilities of the BMW i3 and their expertise in future-oriented mobility concepts in the Danish capital.

Blattel further added that BMW i3 and British Arriva PLC, Copenhagen’s largest bus operator were not rivals, but BMW planned to cooperate with the providers of public transport in order to further develop urban mobility in a customer oriented and sustainable way.

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