Daimler Confirmed Working on Next Generation Electric Vehicle which can Travel Further

seems to focus more on building plug-in hybrids rather than pure electric powered vehicle unlike which only build pure (EV). However, all these are going to change with the confirmation from Daimler’s chief of research and development, Thomas Weber who said that they were working on an intelligent concept for a highly attractive with 400 to 500 km range.

Daimler has already sold a few electric vehicles such as the EV versions of Smart or Mercedes B class, but they are not a fully electric vehicle from the ground up. When asked about whether the new vehicle which is currently under development would be based on A and B Class, Weber answered that perhaps but perhaps greater because their innovative approach would naturally be used not only for a single vehicle.

As Daimler is based in Germany, the range is more likely to be based on the European Driving Cycle (NEDC) which is more generous than the traditional EPA ratings. Tesla S 85D is calculated at 270 EPA rated miles while under NEDC standard, it is calculated at 330 miles. Most likely the kind of range that Daimler was saying will be on par with Tesla’s current offering.

As the emission standard is getting higher every year, carmakers are looking for ways to comply with it by using new technology. Nissan, General Motor, BMW and Tesla prefers to use battery-powered while Toyota, Honda and Hyundai prefers to use hybrids or fuel cells. Daimler on the other hand, seems to be investing on every alternative fuel technology to see which one gives the best result.

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