Tesla Model S P85D Surpassed 100 Points in Customer Reports Rating System

reported that the model initially scored 103 points in the ’ Ratings system, which by definition is passing 100 points. The magazine further added that the car set a new benchmark so they had to make changes to their scoring to account for it. In the end, the Model S P85D has to be scored at 100 point instead.

One of the reasons on the full point mark is that P85D is equipped with an insane mode which is able to reach 60mph from a standstill in just 3.5 seconds; the fastest is recorded at 3.2 seconds.  There are other cars on the market which is faster, however, P85D managed to achieve this speed in the most efficient rate as compared with the other cars and therefore earn itself the top score.

However, by scoring 100 points does not make P85D the perfect vehicle as the six figure price tag and the interior fittings are deemed not as opulent as other high end automobiles. On top of that, you might need to do an extra planning if you want to drive an electric car for journeys longer than 200 miles as you might have to stop by a few charging stations just to recharge your car and the charging stations may not be easily found along the road that you are taking.

Consumer Reports concluded that apart from all the disadvantages, is an automotive milepost.

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