Drive Smart Program Launched in New York City to Monitor the City’s Drivers’ Driving Habit

New York Department of Transportation recently launched a program for its drivers to keep track of their driving habits such as how much gas they use, when they drive, where they are and how fast their cars go as well as when they brake hard or when they make a sharp and fast turn. This program is known as and it comes with benefits. The program offers discounts up to 30 percent on their Allstate auto insurance as well as incentive valued at $25 as mentioned in the program website.

Drive Smart is aimed to understand how people drive in the city which hopefully will solve traffic problems such as NYC’s famous gridlock. The gridlock is a type of traffic jam where the continuous queue of cars block the entire network of intersecting streets which in the end traffic in all directions come to a standstill.

Drive Smart will run until August 2016. To participate in the program, the driver need to plug in a device into the car’s on-board diagnostic port (OBD-II) which is available in cars made starting from 1996. The device will transmit data into the driver’s smartphone app such as Dash, Metropia and Commute Green as well as Drive Smart cloud server. The device, however, does not support hybrid or electric vehicles.

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