AT&T Solution for Wireless Mobile Hotspot during Car Journey to Your Destination

Travelling to your destination in a car can be quite a hassle especially when it is a long journey. If you have a new car model purchased recently, there might be a lot of things which can keep you entertained during the journey. However, if your car model is made around 1996, most probably, there is nothing much you can do. has come up with a device, known as , which is aimed to address this minor issue.

Mobley is a USB-like device which is able to act like a when it is plugged into a car’s diagnostic’s port which means, this will work with any vehicles made around 1996 or later. The device is automatically start up and shut down when the car is powered up or powered down respectively. On top of that it can power up to five devices on AT&T’s LTE network and requires a minor setup. Therefore, it is just nice to be used to keep your passengers entertained during the car journey especially when you have toddlers on board while you are driving.

Mobley is free with a two-year contract from AT&T starting on September 11 onwards; however, it is sold for $100 without contact. It is priced at $20 for 1GB data or $30 for 3GB data and with an additional $10 per month, you can add Mobley to AT&T’s Mobile Value Share plan and you can pull data from your monthly smartphone cache.

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