Bosch Thermal Management System Could Increase Electric Vehicle Power Efficiency

As the automotive industry is working towards producing electric-powered vehicle instead of gas-powered vehicle, , a German electronic and auto parts is positioning itself as an important parts supplier for makers. Recently, the company is developing a new which will be introduced in the Frankfurt Motor Show on 17th to 27th September this year. With the new system, the efficiency of the electric car could be increased up to 25%.

One of a few advantage of an electric powered vehicle over a gas powered vehicle is that the electric powered vehicle is more efficient in converting energy than the gas powered vehicle and of course, this depends on several factors. On average, the efficiency rate of an electric vehicle is about 90% whereas 30% for gas powered vehicle.

The gas powered vehicle will eventually produce heat through its internal combustion which is used to heat up the driver’s compartment. The electric powered vehicle on the other hand, draws energy from the battery pack to manage the driver’s compartment temperature. The new thermal management system from Bosch will make use of this heat to produce more energy for the battery to power up the car especially in cold weather.

According to Bosch the system will generate heat equivalent to an output of 2000 to 3000 watts which is considered as 100% improvement over conventional electric vehicle heaters. On top of that the system is also making use of heat loss from regenerative braking system which is popular features of electric vehicles.

Bosch recently has bought over battery maker Seeo and its series of charging stations to keep up with the automotive industry.



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