General Motor Eye Tracking Headlights on its Car Lineups

is coming up with a technology which is able to track your eye and adjust the direction of the car’s headlights according to the direction of your eye. The issue with the current car’s headlight is that the headlight is always pointed in the straight-line regardless the situation of the road. Therefore, when your car is approaching crosswalks or curves, the headlight will still be pointed straight ahead. It becomes inconvenience when driving at night or driving during bad weather as there is some part of the road which the driver cannot see clearly. The technology will be developed by engineers from Opex/Vauxhall.

The enhanced version of car headlight which is going to be developed by GM will be able to follow the road direction similar to what some adaptive headlights can do, except that it can also move both horizontally and vertically according to the direction of your pupil even in some weird scenario such as driving in a bad weather and in a crowded situation.


How does it work?

There will be an infrared camera and infrared illuminators which is installed somewhere within the driver’s seat which is able to identify your pupil and monitor its movement about 50 times per second. On top of that, it can also work even though there is change in the driver and there is no calibration needed as the system will be able to adjust accordingly.

On top of that, as our eyes often blink, therefore, there is algorithm put in place so that it does not make the headlights to be jumping up and down erratically whenever the driver blinks. Only when the driver is looking at a specific direction over a period of time, then the will smoothly adjust the direction to follow the eyes’ direction.

The headlight with eye tracking functionalities is expected to be introduced within the next few years as Opel/Vauxhall will be introducing the movable headlights without eye tracking capabilities within the next 18 months.

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