New Possibly Production Model Pictures of Tesla Model X Emerged

recently announced that would be released on September 29, 2015.  The car model prototype was initially unveiled in February 2012 and since then has gone through delays in releasing it to the public use. One of the reasons is because of the engineering challenges of the falcon wing doors which is reported to be the most difficult design feature to assemble.


Over the past few months, there are pictures of Model X test vehicles which painted black or white and heavily camouflaged. However, over the past few days, there are a total of 3 Model X pictures which posted on Instagram with a blue or red paintjob with little camouflage covering the lights, trims and front end of the car parts, suggesting that they might be the production models.


Tesla Model X is reported to have over 24,000 reservations with deposits, which apparently about twice as much as Model S reservation before its launch in 2012.  The price range will be somewhere from $70,000 to $142,250, which is not considered very cheap. Tesla Model X will be released with 2 new battery pack sizes, 70KWh and 90KWh, similar to Model S. On top of that, it will have towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, as announced by Jim Chen, VP of Regulatory Affairs at Tesla.

As the date is getting closer to the final release of Model X, hopefully, there is not much changes at the car design and the falcon wing doors is able to work as it is intended to be.

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