MINI Connected Head Up Display Road Information While Keeping Drivers Focused on the Road

Automakers are competing in coming up with smarter cars which is able to assists drivers while they were driving by providing relevant information without having the driver to look somewhere else and just concentrate on the road. On top of that, automakers are also offering comfort to the driver and his passengers as well as a safer journey for them.

can be considered as one of the automakers which is always looking for new ways to enhance the driving experience of the driver and his passengers. strongest point lays on its in-car technology which boasts to be innovative. Recently, the company is rolling out a new driver assists system with safety and comfort in mind.

MINI Connected is considered as part of MINI driver assists system which will be found in the company’s car model line up. One of the new system implementation is the MINI . The display design is inspired by fighter jet technology which is a retractable multi color consisting of all the information that the driver need while driving, such as speed, navigation instruction, stereo and other alerts. Therefore, the driver does not need to look somewhere else to know about this information and just concentrate on the road.

Apart from the head-up displays, the company also offering other features, such as the collision warning, pedestrian warning, city braking function as part of the driver assists system to make it easier for the driver to avoid dangerous situations.  On top of that, MINI also offers parking assist which makes it easier for driver to find parking spaces.

With all these systems implemented in the company’s car line ups, it is not surprising that MINI is leading in terms of the in-car entertainment.

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