Apple CarPlay Review on Your Car Infotainment System

CarPlay is ’s solution for a safer way to use your iPhone while driving. It is integrated into the vehicle’s existing infotainment system and provides the driver with quick access to navigation, music, messaging, phone calls and more without having the driver to look at the phone.

To use is very easy. You just need to plug in your iPhone and tap on the CarPlay icon that appears on your dashboard screen. The screen will then be filled up by familiar icons similar to the icons on your iOS. Tap on the app that you want and to return to the main menu, tap on the lower left corner of the screen which is the home key or if you press it long enough, Siri will be launched.

Apple encourages you to use Siri instead of clicking on the touchscreen for navigation. Surprisingly, Siri’s dictation is often accurate, making it convenient for you to read or send text messages while driving. However, Siri does not support third party apps such as Spotify.

To be honest, there are a lot of things that CarPlay does not support.  It does not support third party messaging apps apart from text messages or iMessages and any other notifications such as your emails, Snaps or Tweets which is a good thing as the driver does not need to do all this and just focus on the road. On top of that, CarPlay also does not support the car’s native functions such as climate or performance settings which according to Apple, the functionality will be added into iOS 9.

On the other hand, Apple CarPlay supports Apple Maps. However, when compared to Google Maps, it still has a long way to go. Traffic information does not get updated as frequently as Google’s Maps; the navigation is slower and more difficult to operate than Google’s Maps.

Despite of all these complaints, Apple CarPlay is definitely better than any other interface on many cars. will be the first carmakers to enable CarPlay across its lineup.

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