Auto Car Door Technology to Prevent Your Car Door from Dents

A team of engineers from Kiekert AG, German auto component company, is working together with students at Cologne’s Erzbischoefliche Liebfrauenschule business school, to provide solution for the issue whereby some times, drivers accidentally dent their car doors as they were not careful when they are opening their car door especially in a narrow carpark slot.

The solution is essentially a technology called i-protect which works similar to the forward collision prevention systems.  Therefore, when the driver open the car door, the system which placed on the car door will monitor the proximity of the car door and the concrete thing nearest to it, be it another parked vehicles, garage walls or other obstruction. If it is gotten too close, then there might be an alarm to warn the driver or the car door will adjust the speed and energy put of opening the car automatically.

Kiekert mentioned that the patent of the invention will be retained by the group of student as part of the partnership with the company. It has won top honors in the “[email protected]” competition for high school students sponsored by Boston Consulting Group.

Although it seems to be a good idea, however, the technology still has some room for improvement.  On top of that, the technology is expected to be implemented for the high-end luxury cars. However, nothing is confirmed as of now.

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