Porsche is Developing Cruise Control which able to Corner at 0.70g

is developing its own system, , which allow cornering up to 0.70g. The system is having all the features that a normal cruise control system is having such as reading the road, impending collisions and automatically apply the car’s brakes with two additional features, the grade of the pavement and the radius of the turn in which both of them is stored in the navigation system’s database. Therefore, by using these information, the car will be able to paint a three dimensional picture of the road and adjust the speed for the car to be able to do ultraefficient cruising and perfect 0.50g turns.

InnoDrive is designed to allow the driver to reach his or her destination in the shortest time possible while consuming the least amount of fuel. Porsche boasts that the system will be able to lower down the real-world consumption by 10 percent while reaching the destination 2 percent faster. The system is currently under testing on two-lane roads outside Weissach, Germany. All the driver need to do is to steer the car.

The company’s engineers designed the system by keeping BSFC (Brake-Specific Fuel Consumption) in mind. It is a measurement of the efficiency of the engine produces its power.  Therefore, normally they will plot a map as per below and aimed to get a combination near the wide-open throttle near max torque which BSFC is the most efficient.


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